Sundance Organic Life Superfruit blends were created for those of us who want something better. They're more than just teas, they're specially formulated to deliver functional benefits as well as great taste. The ingredients are carefully sourced and certified organic. We've based our combinations of superfruits on the needs many of us have and we'll continue to seek out the best nutritional ingredients and exotic tastes so we can deliver even better products. To do that, we need to know what kind of product you're looking for as well.

If you would take a moment to share with us some of your likes and dislikes, and give us some ideas about types of Sundance products you’d like to see, we can develop a product for you. In fact, for participating we’d like to include you in our R&D process by sending you prototypes and getting your feedback until we’re ready to launch your product. And we’ll make it worth your while with free Sundance stuff.

Please answer the questions below. We won’t share this information with anyone else, but it will help us to create your new Sundance products.




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Thanks for your help. Together we can create a solution around your ideas or needs. So that we can keep you involved in the R&D process please fill in the contact information below and we’ll send you something soon.